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Surge Sports Advising Ltd. focuses on advising and developing young athletes through education in the USA. Founders Jan Dám and Daniel Miškovský began helping young hockey players enter US junior competitions in 2013 under the banner of "HockeyEducation". In 2017, the first tryout camp of the "Play Hockey in America" project took place.

The goal of the project is to create a pathway for young athletes and their families to develop personally through studying and playing in the USA. Our collaboration is based on relationships with clubs and coaches who care about the holistic development of athletes in life, education and sport. Together, Jan Dám and Garrett Poland coordinate players in the USA operating in different parts of the USA.

In 2018, the agency expanded its scope to other sports. Surge Sports Advising has partnered with other high school and college entities in the US. We now have the opportunity to apply students involved in golf basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, American football, baseball and track and field.

About the project

Sports Advising Agency has prepared a unique opportunity for hockey players to develop their academic and hockey goals in the United States. The "Play Hockey in America Camp" is now in its fifth year and is a unique opportunity for players to gain the information needed for their subsequent academic and sporting development in the USA.

Jan Dám, serves as the head coach of the Midland University Men's Hockey Team (ACHA DI.) and holds a USA Hockey Level 4 coaching license. Jan is tasked by junior and college teams to scout European players.

The camp program includes lectures on how best to combine education and ice hockey in the USA, individual interviews with players and their representatives, training units and model games. The lectures focus on a detailed introduction to the USA Hockey Ladder of Development system that our agency follows.

When and where?

Camp Play Hockey in America will take place from 24.06.2023 to 25.06.2023 at the ice rink in Neratovice.
Meeting and presentation of registered players will take place on Friday 24.06.2023 from 8:00 to 9:00 at the venue (ZS Neratovice).
The camp is intended for players born in 2003 to 2008.

Camp schedule

Saturday 24.06.2023
Meeting and presentation of participants
Introductory meeting, information, discussion
Training no. 1
Training no. 2
Individual meetings with players
Model matches
Lecture for players and their representatives

Sunday 25.06.2023

Individual meetings with players
Model matches
Final meetings with players

Players will be divided for training units and will play model matches against each other during the camp.

Price and conditions
Final camp price: 7.990 Kč (340€)

    The price does not include
  • Accommodation (for the possibility of booking accommodation in Neratovice see more information in the sectionFAQ)
    The price includes
  • 4x training unit 60 min. under the guidance of the American-Czech coaching team
  • 2x model matches
  • Lecture for players "USA Hockey Ladder of Development"
  • Interviews with players and parents with USA Hockey experience
  • Meals (1x dinner, 2x lunch, 1x breakfast)
  • Rental of ice surface, locker rooms and other facilities
  • audiovisual recording of the event
  • professional photographs of the players
  • refreshments (snacks) throughout the camp
  • interpreting during meetings
  • T-shirt for the 2023 camp

Application for camp Play hockey in America

If you are interested in this opportunity and are determined, please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM which includes payment of the registration fee of 7.990 CZK (340€). We will send you a confirmation of your application immediately after receipt of the registration fee.

Please note that Camp Play hockey in America 2023 is limited to 60 players and 8 goalkeepers. Registrations will be closed once the number has been filled. For this reason, we recommend that you make your application as soon as possible.

  • Please make payment by bank transfer or deposit into an account as per the information below:

  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 805805623
  • BANK CODE: 0300 (Československá obchodní banka, a.s.) 
  • VARIABLE SYMBOL: Year, Month, Day of birth

  • For foreign payments furthermore:

  • IBAN: CZ9403000000000805805623 
  • ACCOUNT NAME: Surge Sports Advising s.r.o.

 By submitting your application you agree to the processing of your personal data: 

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ACCOMMODATION WINTER STATION - click for more information HERE.

The selection of student-athletes is evaluated throughout the whole camp to start cooperation with Surge Sports Advising – SSA and is based on overall preparedness for becoming student-athlete in USA not only based on hockey skills. At the junior level we work with organizations who we have personal experience with and know the quality of academic and athletic background. Our contacts are in following leagues: NAHL, USPHL – NCDC, USPHL – Premier, NA3HL.
At the younger levels we work directly with AAA teams in Colorado Tigers and Springfield Pics. In both organization it is regular form of high school with face to face classes. For those taking online courses we set that up via UNHS (University of Nebraska High School). 

Yes - the minimum required level of players is active participation in an extra league or regional league of the respective youth category.

Due to the relatively wide demand from cooperating clubs, the chances of success at the camp are relatively high, as the range of competitions and teams is considerable - across levels. In addition to hockey skills, the camp will also test personal which ultimately plays a large role in establishing a relationship between the family and SSA and determining the a common plan and collaboration.

Immediately after the end of the camp (or after the last game) will be followed by a meeting and personal interview with the organizers of the camp, especially with Jan Dám (authorized representative of the North American clubs), during which the players and their parents will be more closely acquainted with the proposal of the possibilities and conditions of playing in the USA. All other procedural and administrative matters leading to the start of the actual engagement in the USA and complete support (service) is provided by the SSA.

If the player is not selected at the camp and is still interested in playing and studying in the USA, a personal interview will be held with the player's family and SSA representatives who will propose a possible plan that would suit the family and the player in his further hockey and life development. However, there is a higher cost involved, as the anticipated level of competition in which the player would be playing will not be among the elite levels in which players play only for the payment of fees to the U.S. family.


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